A Public Service Announcement

*A very special message from a dear friend, The Lone Wolf.  TLW is a fantastic lady, but she scares the bejesus out of waitresses at Cha Cha’s*

Incidents of mankles, better known as visible man-ankles, are increasing at an alarming rate.  Sightings have been reported up and down Robinson Street at happy hour, all freaking over the James Center Atrium and at the cube behind my desk all day long every single day for the love of Pete. 

Gentlemen of the RVA:  When standing, if your mankles can be viewed CLEARLY and ENTIRELY then you need to increase the length of your pants.  Your pants are too short.  I repeat, your pants are TOO SHORT. 

You can take simple corrective measures to stop mankles:

Go get a girlfriend.  We know you are a raging heterosexual.  No self respecting gay man needs help identifying the correct length of a hem.

Go get a wife.  This may be the most expensive option, but there’s a 50% chance you will see a nice return on your investment in the long term.

Go get a full length mirror.  This is the easiest, cheapest solution, and it will never tell you  it’s period is late.


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