Gene, On The Rocks


In addition to a fondness for afternoon smoke breaks, one of things that makes the Barista and The Lone Wolf thick as thieves is a mutual fascination with Gene Cox.  Gene is the venerable anchor of NBC 12 in Richmond, who manages to inform us, charm us, and make us jealous of his ability to pull off a surly sourpuss better than a dentist when he learns of our fondness for afternoon smoke breaks. 

Today’s discussion focuses on Genealogy.  (You are incorrect if you assumed we care about Gene’s ancestry or wonder if he thinks it’s cool to baptize a dead person)  This is the official guide to what Gene Cox would be if he were a mixed drink.  Mix well and often!

Old Fashioned Gene

Three fingers bourbon

1 orange slice

1 packet of sugar

1 cherry

a few splashes of bitters 

Mash it all together and throw in some ice to soften the blow of this drink.  An old fashioned is bourbon playing dress-up.  Just like does Gene does when he swaps his red cape for his anchor suit.


1 part Vodka

1 part Sour Pucker Schnapps

1 part prune juice

Pour all ingredients in to a shaker, or not, as it doesn’t really matter.  Shake well (or not) and strain into a martini glass.  A Genetini is best served every afternoon upon arriving home from work.  Loosen your belt, kick off your shoes and settle in for the six o’clock news.  This drink also pairs well with fighting with your spouse, a nice Cuban cigar, or a boat ride.

Red-Headed Gene (also known as Ginger Gene)

1 oz Peach Schnapps

1 oz Jagermeister

1 oz prune juice

Chill and serve.  Slam one every time Andy Jenks talks about local crime or Terrell Brown makes a snow angel on tv.


Stayed tuned for frequent updates on all things Gene.


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