Good Morning Sunshine

Have you ever woken up, fallen out of bed, stepped on your dog (1), realized that your third glass of wine last night was not a great idea (2), regretted expressing really heated emotions over a certain tv show (3), and discovered that you have overdrawn your checking account for the first time in 10 years (4)?

um ok yeah, me neither.

1. said dog is an emo-dog and is probably blogging right now about how he’s alone in the world. the Barista’s casa, you can fit more than one bottle of wine in three glasses.

3. sugar honey iced tea on you, Grey’s Anatomy

4. the last time the Barista had a negative balance in her checking account was probably 4.5 years ago.  But it felt like 10 years ago now and the insufficient funds fee has increased 244% since 2004.


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