The New Rules

In addition to having access to the world’s longest bridge-tunnel complex, Virginia Beach comes complete with it’s own set of unique rules.  We recently observed two dozen bachelorette parties as they followed, tested, or completely disregarded the following regulations (in no particular order):

Virginia Beach welcomes tourists with woo-woo shooters.

One cannot wear a prom dress circa 1996 to any establishment with table linens. 

One can wear a prom dress circa 1996 to any establishment that has girlie calendars in the men’s room.

It is illegal to use certain four letter words in public, especially on a trolley. 

One can practice making a baby on a dance floor with strobe lights.

No drug store can exchange a pregnancy test for tampons.

Cabs are the most public form of transportation.  The public is welcome to get in your cab and sit on your lap.

Happy hour is from 2 pm til 2 am daily.

All fifth graders are smarter than the bouncer at Lunacy. 

Coffee tables were designed to support a maximum of 15 dancers.

***Congrats to our bride-to-be.  She’ll always be a Mary-Lou Retton kind of winner in our book. 


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