gonna find out who’s naughty or nice

 We really should be working…but here is an excerpt from an exchange between TL Dubs and myself, regarding non-traditional email fonts and backgrounds:


TLW: I know I said before that I thought the fancy font was overkill but now I just don’t know….or maybe I’m just that big of a bad a$$ that I don’t care? Either way, I’m loving the change!


Barista: I don’t know.  The all over font says “I love arts and crafts” to me.


TLW: That’s good though because I do love arts and crafts.


Barista: Then it’s perfect.  I hope you enjoy the bag of Popsicle sticks I’m giving you for Christmas.


TLW: I hope you enjoy the gingerbread house I’ll make you out of those Popsicle sticks that I’m giving you for Christmas. 


Barista: I was actually hoping for a miniature stage and poles that I could re-gift to you for your January birthday.


TLW: Oh that’s an idea. Or maybe I could do a Nativity scene recreation but instead of the Baby Jesus and animals; it’s you throwing up in the bushes in front of a hotel.


Barista: I’ll get you some pipe cleaners, cotton balls and teeny tiny bottles of hand sanitizer if you promise to make that happen.


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