Johnny Repeat

Dear Johnny Repeat,

Thanks for sharing the phone message you received with me four times in a row today.  I was truly appreciative of the head’s up when you first told me that our coworker was running a little late this morning. 

It was really nice of you to stop by for verbal confirmation that I understood our coworker was running late.  Had I been looking for the missing coworker and not found her at her desk at 8:47 am, I would have been forced to assess the situation allbymyself and conclude that she was running late. 

The details you offered the third time you told me that she was running late really piqued my interest.  She was stuck on a bridge?  Exactly how was she stuck?  Was she bungee-jumping her way to work and caught up in her cords?  No, she is stopped in traffic.  Ohhhhhhh ok.  And a tow truck went by her five minutes ago?  Holy smokes.  She might be twenty-five minutes late at this rate.

It’s totally cool that you interrupted my conference call a few nanoseconds later to ask if I knew our coworker was going to be late.  I like it when we get to have these types of chats back to back.  It’s like de ja vu, except I am absolutely positive I have had this exact experience before in the recent past. 

Thanks again for keeping me up to date.  I might have spent the last twenty minutes just minding my own if you had not brought me up to speed.

Okay now buh bye,


What’s that you say?  Our coworker is going to be late?


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