the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask

I remember that poster from the fourth grade. I think it had a kitten wearing glasses and a ruler in its tiny little paw.  Or maybe that was the “Hang in There” poster with the kitten barely hanging on for dear life to a window. 

Those posters are liars. 

 There are many stupid questions.  I was asked one just this morning by  Tsaur. 

 He starts by “knocking” on my cube. You know, like its an actual door to a big girl office. Every time he does this a little bit of me dies. The only thing worse is actually saying “Knock, knock” when you do it, but I digress. 

 He tells me he wants to “get my spin on something”. He shows me a form.  At the top are the bolded words,  “Beneficiary Designation Form for Steal Your Soul, Inc”.  At the bottom, “Acme Life Insurance Company”.  His question?  “Would you say that this is a Beneficiary Designation Form for Steal your Soul, Inc. from Acme Life Insurance Company?”

 I can’t believe I went to college for this.  I guess I’ll just “Hang in There” until I meet a delusional Sugar Daddy with erectile dysfunction.  Either that I’ll just wait until the economy turns around.


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