TLW Explains It All

An actual email I received from TL Dubs, who loves to drop “truth bombs” on friends when they ask things like “why didn’t I get a raise?”

Because you are a Peon.


Pronunciation: pe-on


Function: noun. 


Other uses: Peonic, adjective. 


Etymology:  Latin root. Peonic-one who does little to nothing to contribute to an organization and whose labors are largely overlooked.  The myth of Peon is said to have survived for years amongst the laboring classes as an example of harsh rule.  Greek God, Zeus, struck down Peon after Zeus deemed peon unworthy of receiving the hand of his seventeenth daughter, Penelope, in marriage.   An outraged Zeus sentenced Peon to an eternity of collecting coins on the river Hades for his absurd attempt at marrying one of his offspring.  


Modern Definition: The modern use of the term peon largely relates to those working in square, lifeless “cubes” (see cube, page 452).  They are underpaid, overworked individuals whose worth to the company is in direct correlation to their paycheck, often referred to as “beans” (see beans, page 354).    Peons are subjected to repetitive tasks that require little to no analytical skills and whose main objective to the company is to “roll sh@$ down hill” (see down hill, page 415).


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