A riddle, shrouded in mystery, covered in an enimga

Life’s unanswered questions:
Why do people back into parking spaces?  Whose time does this save?  Not the person doing the thirty point reversal and certainly not everyone else behind you. 
Why is the Panera at Willow Lawn always so crowded?  Seriously.  This is insane. 
How come I never see little baby squirrels?  Only grown up squirrels?  Weird. 
Who legitimately likes the Pussycat Dolls?  Oh you’re all SOOOOOOOooooooo sexy.  We get it.  Your name is super clever, too. 
Why is Spam so weird?  The email not the food, but the food is weird, too.  Who is thinking of email titles like “Put your HARDER near her in WISCONSIN!”? or “Sexy Britney Blond girls like to party with CHEEEEEESE, PLEASE”. 
Not a baby squirrel
Not a baby squirrel

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