I Think I Love You

So what am I so afraid of?  I don’t know ABBA, why don’t you tell me?  I think I seriously heart the security guy that works in the parking deck of my building.  Besides my dogs, (Good morning guys!) he’s the first person I talk to Monday through Friday and I want to marry him.  Now.  Well, first I’ll wait until the divorce is finalized (this isn’t Utah) and then I’ll marry him.
Granted he is probably 70 years old and missing lots a few teeth but every god damn morning, without fail, he’ll say, “Mornin’ Darlin! Sure are lookin’ pretty today!”.   I want to squish him and put him in my pocket and take him around with me places so if I ever start to doubt myself I can have Security Guard tell me “Boy oh Boy! There’s the Sunshine!” or “There you are, Sweetheart!” and I can be happy and smile. 
I wonder if Security Guard is like all other guys when they get the booty they’re outty 5,000?  I don’t think he is. I think this one is a keeper. I may even take him home to meet Mom. 

One thought on “I Think I Love You

  1. i have a few people in my pocket. it’s excellent happiness strategery. with pocket people and happy meals, it’s practically impossible to be sad. throw some ‘calming’ body wash in your shower and some new shoes on your feet and BADDOWW. Eutopia. or, you could try some omphaloskepsis (a word i learned on the spelling bee last night. it means ‘belly button meditation’. this may also pass as a cover for napping at work if you claim you are omphaloskepsing for religious reasons). then again, there’s always the Jack Donaghy method of coping: “sex and awesomeness.” OMG. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? i need to go read some boring FB posts about what people who were boring in high school had for breakfast this morning. that will make me want to DO SOME WORK TODAY…TGIF!

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