Statistically Speaking

Experts report that an area Barista’s current likes to dislikes ratio has spiraled out of proportion in the last few days, before settling into a holding pattern at 7:452.

Narcotics featured prominently on the list of 7 current likes, with nicotine taking the #1 spot. 

Among the heftier list of dislikes were items such as org charts (#27), shitty bosses (#3), Kate Gosselin’s bat-shit hair cut (#210), frenemies (#14), PMS (#2), interns (#97), MTV Awards (#345), Tsaur (#127), insurance premiums (#104), people who participate in Segway tours (#422), passwords (#62) and interruptions (#6). 

Analysts predict the Barista will see another spike in her dislikes late this week before returning to her more typical ratio of 12:4.


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