You can’t see me if I don’t acknowledge you

Be careful
Be careful

If you’ve lived in Richmond for any extended period of time I’m sure you have noticed this city’s uncanny ability to have its residents run into people they don’t want to see on a regular basis. 

The longer you’ve lived here, the more opportunity you will have to see the person you want to see least at the grocery store, post office, on a run, at the gym, out to dinner, at the mall, getting your oil changed, doing your taxes, getting a taxi, picking up an ice cream cake, pumping gas, going on a beer run or even picking up some “lady products” ‘cause it’s that Time of the Month.

As someone who has lived here her entire life, I have this happen to me fairly frequently.  Why just this morning I had a nice little encounter while walking my dogs at 6:00 AM with someone I semi/sort of/but not really dated when I was 18 years old! Fun stuff! I don’t know about you but I know I always look my best that early in the AM!

There are some places that tend to cultivate these character building experiences more than others.  In my personal experience they tend to be the following:

Gold’s Gym at Willow Lawn Monday through Friday any time after five.  This place is a virtual Petri dish brimming with awkward.   You absolutely without a doubt will run into someone you dislike here.  Best bet?  Grab a magazine and make sure your iPod is fully charged.  Avoid direct eye contact with  everyone. 

 Carytown Ukrop’s at lunchtime.  If I see one more mofo that I want to avoid whilst trying to get a salad I’m going to say eff it to healthy eating, hit up the Micky D’s drive through, gain 25 lbs and move out to the West End. 

 Kroger Willow Lawn on a Sunday.  Everybody you don’t want to see will be here. Plus also some people you do want to see, which is always a nice treat (Hi guys! Why no I don’t have dinner plans, thank you for asking!!)

Three Monkeys-anytime ever.  Wtf is up this place? I mean really?  I would say 9 times out of 10 I need to employ the infamous “I’m looking right through you because I don’t really see you” technique to avoid saying “hi”.

 You’ve gots to love the RVA.  Where else could you run into an old friend you don’t speak to anymore, an ex boyfriend and your old high school math teacher all in once place? (Answer-Stoney Point Fashion Park on a Saturday afternoon).


2 thoughts on “You can’t see me if I don’t acknowledge you

  1. Gold’s Gym (fan and willow lawn location) in general seem to be a breeding ground for all those we don’t want to see. Just like you, I walk through straight to the machine of my choice with a glazed look so I can’t make actual eye contact with anyone. Head phones stay in my ears the entirity of my vist, no exceptions. Good post!

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