Name That Amoeba

Pink Elephant Amoeba
Pink Elephant Amoeba

I offer you a gift.  It’s an update on the childhood game of finding clouds that look like ice-cream cones.  If you are trapped in a meeting or on a boring conference call or being lectured in traffic court and need to look like you are engaged (told you I am fluent in corporate lingo) take your pen to a piece of paper, and without looking, wobble your hand ever so slightly in a circular motion.  Do not peek while trying to bring your hand back to the starting point.  Glance down at your paper and look at your magnificent amoeba.  What kind of amoeba did you make?  Is it a tyranosaurus amoeba?  Is it a roller skate amoeba?  Or perhaps a KitchenAid Artisan 5-Qt. stand mixer amoeba?  You be the judge!

Now tell a story about your amoeba.  How did it get there and what is it up to today?  Is it friends with it’s neighboring dolphin amoeba (you know you drew more than one) or are they about to rumble?  Draw even more amoebas and you can host your very own Ms. Amoeba contest, complete with a breast implant and nude picture scandal!  Play Jeopardy with your amoebas “I’d like Arriba Amoeba for $400 please”.  You can even vote your amoebas off Amoeba Island with one flick of the wrist and a ball point pen. Take your voting privileges seriously though – it’s the equivalent of capital punishment for an amoeba as no two amoeba are ever the same.

Whatever you do, do not tell anyone else nearby that you are playing with your amoebas.  You will win the game, but forfeit your dignity and spend the rest of your days lunching alone.  If you’re lucky…


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