Someone’s got a case of the Mondays!

Nothing gets me more jazzed up for the work week than a rainy Monday morning.  (Grandma called these “soaking rains” by the way).  Actually scratch that.  What gets me the most excited for a week of fun is when I don’t realize it’s raining outside until I’m already outside in the rain walking the dogs sans umbrella and I’ve already gotten ready for work. Score! 

Since my first outfit got completely ruined (along with my hair and makeup but that’s okay I’m just going to work) I obviously need to wear something else.  As I’m eyeing my selection of work clothes I extract a little ditty I haven’t worn in years.  This is called vintage and it has about a 50/50 success rate of either being an epic fail or fabulous.  I was leaning towards the latter until I noticed once I got in the car that when I sit down you can completely see my bra.  Yes!  This would be fabulous if it were Friday but a fail on Monday morning. 

A quick glance in the mirror confirms my suspicion that I look like a cross between a drowned rat and a walk of shame.  Thank you Universe for starting my week of with a bang!-and no,  not the good kind either.   Maybe later you can throw in some high importance emails and some awkward break room chit chat just to round out the rest of my day!


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