Check this out!

One of our favorite writers, TCG, gave us a shout-out on her blog today.  We think as usual her commentary is spot on, and today is no exception.    Also, we’re really high on ourselves (pun possibly intended):

*YOU GUYS! Two ladies, who have dubbed themselves “Barista” and “The Lone Wolf” are writing the brilliant It is a pee-yer-pants funny look at the things that happen to most of us, but don’t occur to write about them. I predict that they will win an RVANews Blog Award this coming year, because I am already mounting the campaign. That’s right, mounting.

The Lone Wolf says now she knows how the girl who played the trumpet in the high school marching band felt when the captain of the football team took her to prom and touched her side boob twice during a slow song on semi-purpose while his old cheerleader girlfriend and the forty-something band director watched, sadly, from the bleachers.  Okay, she didn’t say it exactly like that, but I swear TLW was that excited.  Definitely side-boob touching excited.

We have a girl crush on The Checkout Girl, in that weird competitive way where we would love to claim her as a friend, each preferably before the other, because she’s that cool.

Do yourself a favor and read her stuff on the reg.  Cafe Darkness is the designer imposter to her blog..If you like Vera Wang, then you’ll love Beara Chang….

xoxo – Cafe Darkness


6 thoughts on “OMFG!!!

  1. she does rock – but i’m sure you earned every bit of accolades!!!

    ps. i’m an idiot, but where the fuck is your rss feed??? i wanna subscribe to the darkness . . .

  2. Totally agree with her assessment. I want to get together and have a party where I’m the only guy in attendance and you’re all fighting over me. Or we can just drink beer and tell jokes. Whatever.

    1. Bring your wife to our next adult gathering of beer pong. The ladies will school you but make you feel important because we have manners like that. Oh, and I’m thinking the winner of our next tournament gets to ride my scooter and we’ll all follow the champ on foot wherever she (or he, I guess) leads

  3. oh, yeah, MattOnFire loves it when the ladies fight over his pickle. oh, not his penis, he just brings a pickle wherever he goes. and he never shares.

    let it be known that I was here first, therefore get first dibs on side-boob.

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