Getting parties started right, quickly easier now recent study reveals

It's already been broughten
It’s already been broughten

A group of world renowned scientists revealed the findings of their recent study stating that Woos Woo shooters are, in fact, the best way to get this party started.  Millions of different party starting methods were vigorously tested over the thirty year trial including, but not limited to: PBR, naked twister, truth or dare, Boone’s Farm Strawberry Kiwi flavored “wine” and Zima (with and without Jolly Ranchers). 

“It’s really quite incredible” stated lead researcher, Dr. Pinkerton, “that a simple shooter such as the Woo Woo beat out other, more popular forms of party starting.  We were convinced that even within the shooter family genre that more well known shooters such as Lemon Drops, Red Headed Sluts, and Grape Crushes would certainly surpass the Woo Woo.”  However, time and time again when subjects were given a single Woo Woo the party got started every single time.   “Even”, he added “like those really lame parties where you would rather be at home alone than at that particular party right then”. 

Although the findings of the study bode well for the Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice industries, Dr. Pinkterton warns that consuming too many Woos Woos will result in an over inflated self esteem, sexy dancing, poor decision making and finally, shame. 
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3 thoughts on “Getting parties started right, quickly easier now recent study reveals

  1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Which in that case, I hope everyone else I imitate is flattered.

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