It Was a Good Day

Everyone in RVA
Everyone in RVA

Every once in a while the universe will grant you the kind of day that’s so spectacular it makes it hard to believe there’s any sadness in the world.  I am currently lucky enough to be having one of these days. 

I had t0 go take a mayjah professional exam this morning (and yup, I boozed last night).  Instead of waking up hungover, I woke up early feeling right as rain.  That last minute I wasted catching up on Perez Hilton instead of studying totally paid off. I picked up a fancy acronym for myself.  

Leaving the exam, I was in a pretty good mood so I honked and waved at a cop as I blew past him at 75 miles an hour before making an illegal u-turn.  He smiled and waved back.  I’m pretty sure he gave me a thumbs up.

My boss called to see how the test went.  When I told her I passed and was on my way in, she told me to “take the rest of the day to get drunk; you deserve it”.  Hell yeah I do!  I so rarely find an opportunity to drink….sike. 

I just succeeded in making you consider bringing the word “sike” back into regular use.  Do it, saying sike is awesome.  Much better than jk. Sike.  

Today is so on fire that I’m considering blowing off my Mom’s visit in favor of leaving right now for Atlantic City.  I bet she wouldn’t even mind, that’s how aligned the stars are for me tonight!  I could get blind drunk  and split pairs of 10’s and beat the house with 13’s all night.  People at my table would cheer for me.  I love black jack so much.

Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.  Today was a good day.


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