I’ll Be Loving You for a Little While

New marriage vows:  I, Pompous, take you Shallow, to be my co-star, to have and to control from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, on basic cable or on prime time,  to love and to smother, till death or season 3 do we part. 

I wonder what Jon minus Kate cited as the grounds for their divorce.  Cruelty? Adultery? Or reality television? 

Think about the number of couples who have separated while filming their so-called real lives.  Nick and Jessica?  Buh-bye.  Travis and Ms. America? Sayonora.  Carmen and Dave?  Splitsville.  Hulk Hogan and Tranny Hogan?  Smell ya later.  Russell Simmons and the pretty Asian baby fat lady?  Ovah.  Let’s not even head down the path of reality dating shows and how many successful relationships those have churned out…

It’s sad, and trite, and the only people I feel sorry for are the children and the producers who lost their cash-cows.

Oh, and I also feel sorry for the guy who sits at the corner near Thompson and Kensington Avenue.  It’s tough being a homeless vegan.  It’s probably not as hard as being a homeless veteran; but either way, I’d rather hang out with him every Monday at 8 pm than suffer through the frenzy surrounding the next impending divorce show.


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