Mid Year Review

2009 is almost half way over and just like at Steal Your Soul, Inc, it’s time to do a mid year review of your progress for the year. 

Unlike Steal Your Soul, Inc we’re not going to discuss: the merits of phased in retirement, increasing 401(k) participation in an uncertain economy, actuarial equivalence and mortality tables, retiree medical cost increases and last, but certainly not least, the always exciting  Pension Protection Act and its effect on the early demise of defined benefit plans.  (And yes, my job is just as exciting as it sounds). 

2009 is the Year of Best Practices and if you’re unsure as to what that means may I direct you back to our first post.  Take the quiz if you haven’t already and see where you need improvement. 

After you get your results do some self reflection.  Clear your mind and delve in deep into your psyche.  Emotional audits are hard,  I understand that.  If you’re finding it difficult to clear  away all the madness of the day (what I call the “white noise” of life) may I suggest journaling?  It’s a great way to really get in there and get to the root of one’s fears. 

If you’re at a road block and can’t seem to get started below are what I call “starting points for discussion”.  Use them merely as guides to begin your journey of self discovery. I hope you will find them useful in helping you live the Year of Best Practices to its fullest potential.


Are you using Woo Woos properly?  Are you using them enough?  If unable to properly attain a buzz what do you do?  What’s your first instinct?  Go there for me.  Draw me a picture of it. 


Put on Lady Gaga’s LoveGame.  What do you feel when you listen to this song? What does it make you want to do?  Then purchase Lady Gaga’s entire album. Complete it off iTunes immediately.  Now.  Seriously.  Create, and then perform, an interpretative dance to this album. 


I say “herb”.  Do you say “something to cook with” or “let’s do this!”?  I say “joint”. Do you say “where two bones connect” or “awesome”?  Discuss. 


Draw a picture of your personal amoeba.  Tell its story in fable format.  Be sure to include a moral lesson. What’s that lesson? 


Sugar Free Red Bull + wine =  ?


Imagine you’re a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding.  How many groomsmen do you think you can hook up with before the big day?  How will you go about that?  Create a game plan and then enact that game plan.


Spencer Pratt is the biggest douche on the plant.  This isn’t so much a question but a fact.   Discuss.


2 thoughts on “Mid Year Review

  1. I implemented a woo woo intervention at a critical juncture during last night’s carousing at That Cheesesteak Place. It was well-received, and awkward almost-sober moments were averted.

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