Lord, hear my prayer

Are you there, God? It’s me, TLW.  Hey listen, I know you’ve been super busy lately with all the celebrity deaths (Billy Mays! Why?!) and all but I was wondering if maybe you could make it so Tsaur could stop coming into work 45 minutes early every day?  See the thing is the main reason I come in at seven thirty is so I have an hour of T free time a day and lately he’s been coming in at like 7:45.  I hate it so bad?  Plus also I’m barely getting here before him which is also cramping my style.  I consider 7:30 more of a goal I shoot for rather than hard “start time”. 

One more thing, too, God. And again, I know you’re dealing with the Iranian election and that whole thing but if you could maybe make him stop cc-ing me on every goddamn (whoops, sorry God!) email he sends that would be great, too.  I hate coming back to work from a long weekend and having 55 unread irrelevant emails from him. 

I hate him, God. I really, really do but I understand we all have our crosses to bear and Tsaur is mine.  Thanks in advance-I really appreciate it!

Love always,




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