Boom, boom, pow!



Happy 4th of July everyone!  My how time flies! Seems like just yesterday it was Memorial Day and now we’re half way through summer.  99.99% of Richmonders kick it out of town for the 4th.  They typically go to the rivah or the beach, but mainly the rivah cause that’s how we do.  However, if you’re like me, you don’t have a rivah house and henceforth, will be in the RVA for the long weekend.  So what is there to do on this luxurious long weekend for those of us not fortunate enough to have a house on the water?  Well, I’ll tell you so just wait for it.  Here goes:
1-You could see some fireworks at Dogwood Dell.  A Richmond tradition, this is where the remaining .01% of the population will be tomorrow night.  It’s pretty cool I guess-that is if you don’t mind having to sneak in your booze.  And being in a huge crowd of folks from the West End and Southside.  And you don’t mind that’s it’s “family friendly”. And you don’t mind sitting in traffic for three hours to get home….so stuff.
2-You could hit up a friend with a backyard and a grill and have yourself an old fashioned cookout!  You could even buy one of those kiddie pools and pretend you’re at the beach like all of your other friends. Then you can tell yourself that you’re the smart one for not sitting in the car for four hours to have just as good of a time in someone’s backyard with a plastic pool. 
3-You know those restaurants that you love but are super stainy because of three hour wait on a Saturday night?  Well tomorrow night you can just waltz right on in no problem. Edo’s Squid? Bring it!  Kitchen 64?  Right this way, please!  Hey, Sticky Rice-table for who the fuck ever cause there’s no one here.  I can’t say that you’ll have the best meal of your life since more than likely the kitchen staff will definitely mess with your food for making them actually work tomorrow night, but hey, not waiting to eat is awesome, right? 
See, look at all the cool stuff to do around town this weekend! Richmond-boring over a holiday weekend? I think not!  Now go on. Go get crazy with your bad self and celebrate like our four father’s would have wanted us to-with plenty of brewskies, shame and reckless, wild abandon. 

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