Is there an app for that 2.0?

TLW needs
TLW needs


Let me know that my bra is showing before I get to work.

Beat the crap out of Spencer Pratt and his flesh colored beard.

Extricate me from awkward conversations/pauses.

Allow me to forget that my ex husband offered me advice on forms of birth control and what’s working for him these days.

Make me some ham biscuits.

Update my resume and distribute it accordingly.

Bury Michael Jackson-please for the love of God.


One thought on “Is there an app for that 2.0?

  1. 1. No, though you could turn it off and use it as a mirror…or just stop wearing a bra.

    2. Yes, it’s called Pratt-scat… not the type of scat you’re thinking.

    3. Fake Phone call – Greatest app ever.

    4. I believe alcohol is what you’re looking for, perhaps marijuana as well.

    5. God I fucking wish.

    6. linkedin, if you don’t know….find out.

    7. I’m with ya here, I wish he would just fade into obscurity already.

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