Quiz Whiz

Lest ye forget, 2009 is officially the year of best practices.  Remember, best practices focus on what should be done, as opposed to what is actually done.  Here’s another ditty of a quiz that should help determine where you are headed for the remainder of ’09.  Lace up your moon boots – it’s go time!   

1. Boobie tattoos are…

a) So lame, I’d rather die

b) Fitting only if you are a music mogul’s shorty

c) Sexy if it matches your bra

d) The perfect gift for your baby daddy

2.  After reading this blog, you think that Tsaur:

a) Is a giant pain in the ass who probably has extreme halitosis

b) Could be entertaining from a distance

c) Is probably hot and TLW just wants to jump him

d). Should be your new friend on MySpace

3.  City Limit:

a) It’s most redeeming quality is it’s close enough to walk home from there

b) It depends on who wants to go

c) It’s the perfect spot to go cougar hunting

d) Where you met your first, second and third husbands   

4. Woo Woos:

a) Yes.  Four please.

b) You’re flying, not buying

c) Uh…when in Rome?

d) Are for sissies.  Where’s my Mad Dog?

5. The celebrity death that impacted you the most:

a) Billy Mays.  You hired him to do all your shouting for you

b) Ed McMahon.  You were hoping to buy your first home with a giant check from Publisher’s Clearinghouse

c) Farrah Fawcett.  You’re uncomfortable fantasizing about a dead woman

d) Michael Jackson.  You can’t wait to get your license plates personalized with MJ4EVA

Mostly A’s– Congratulations!  You are most likely friends with Barista and TLW and have regularly been called “opinionated” like it’s a bad thing.  Your best practice:  Meet us for vodka lime-aids at least once this week.

Mostly B’s – Any way the wind blows you’ll be right behind it.  You’re still kind of cool, but you’re still kind of a stain.  Your best practice:  Think of something all by yourself and go with it.

Mostly C’s – You’re a dude.  You know it, and we know it.  Your best practice:  Admit that you like Café Darkness and Real Housewives and read Us Weekly on the pooper.   

Mostly D’s– You go through the smart tag lanes every single day even though you don’t have a smart tag.  You don’t give a rip.  Your best practice:  Heal the world and make it a better place by using reliable birth control.


One thought on “Quiz Whiz

  1. c,b,c,c,d

    uh – I guess I’m a dude. I would have loved to answer all D’s, but even I can’t make myself to be that sarcastic

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