We be Tweetin’

Uh….okay so Barista finally pulled the trigger and signed up Café Darkness for Twitter.  I have been resisting Twitter for years cause I’m not gonna lie-I just don’t get it. Neither does Barista so then there’s that, too.   It’s all these  “@”s and “!”s.  Personally I haven’t been this confused since Sarah Palin got the VP nod. 

Questions we have are:

Can I follow you?  Can you follow me?  Is the road less traveled really congested?  Is the price of tea in China relevant to Canadians?

Who’s following me? Who am I following?

As you can see this is getting really deep, really quickly so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and with love always,


TLW & Barista @cafedarkness


3 thoughts on “We be Tweetin’

  1. I am overjoyed that you two, uh… ladies … are on twitter. Matter of fact, I already pimped you out to my thousands upon millions of followers. Okay, my few followers. Anyhoo – You need to add your url to your profile so people can get to this site. I mean, we all know that pimpin’ ain’t easy and all, so add your url.

    But yeah, welcome to twitter. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it for the two weeks you actually use it before you lose interest and get back to using your computer for more exciting activities like minesweeper.

  2. Do what I do – post whatever the F you want there & don’t give a crap about who follows you.

    Twitter is kind of like shouting your lungs out in public with the exception that noone can see you

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