drunken ramblings

I’m not even going to spell check this, cause I don’t give a rip.  Thoughts from today, in order:

Don’t leave puppy dog clothing catalogues on my desk.  You know what you pay me.  Food, booze and electricity are about all I have scratch for these days. 

Barefoot Coworker – why have you multiplied?  Did  you just start a trend or did I miss something from the latest Vogue?

Bartender, please don’t get an attitude when I call you barkeep or good sir.  You clearly ignored my empty glass for a half hour.  Be glad I didn’t wave my hand in your face and demand my medicine. 

Bartender, with a name like JC, I was bound to ask you WWJD.  Deal with it.

Thank you city planners for back roads.  The Barista never drives under the influence, but is appreciative of scenic routes.

I’m probably too old to be a such disaster on Tuesdays.  Yikes.  Meh, but I function well under pressure.  Suck it.

I reserve the right to  delete this post in the morning.  This post is in no way representative of the thoughts or beliefs of TLW.

But she was there for the trouble…



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