What it is? A quiz it is!

Alright everyone-it’s quiz time so let’s put away our books and notes and get down to business.


a)      Can’t be helped. Why are you guys so mean?

b)      An atrocity. They burn my rods and cones!

c)      Wtf are “mankles”?

d)      How I wear my pants everyday.


2-Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo broke up.  You are:

a)      Really upset about it. Why is she so unlucky in love?

b)      Who gives a rat’s ass. What’s up with those mom jeans?

c)      I like her boobs.

d)      She’s a smart looking, classy lady. Maybe she wants to go out on a date?


3-Drinking and driving is:

a)      This isn’t even funny!

b)      Sometimes a blast but never the *best* idea

c)      How I do.

d)      I don’t drink and drive. It’s illegal.  Like texting and driving. I don’t do that either.


4-Barista and TLW are:

 a)      Hateful, spiteful creatures who I pray for regularly.

b)      Effing awesome.

c)      Kinda hot. I’d do them.

d)      Nice, respectable ladies who I can learn a lot from. 


5-Impromptu Happy Hours:

a)      Unheard of. The only impromptu thing I do is Bible Study.

b)      The best phone call you receive all week

c)      Downtown. Let’s do this.

d)      I have no friends to go to happy hour with.


Bonus Question!  A coworker clearly needs help with a problem that you definitely know the answer to.  You:

 a)      Help them. How is this even a question?

b)      Ignore them by pretending to be on the phone.

c)      Are they hot? 

d)      I’ve already helped them in advance of their question –they just don’t know it yet.


Mostly As-Congrats! You’re a Mormon.  Have fun with that.


Mostly Bs-Congrats! You’re fucking awesome and more than likely enjoy the same things we do-i.e. drinking, smoking and shit-talkery.


Mostly Cs-Congrats! It’s a boy!  You heart reading our blog in hopes of maybe understanding ladies a little better. Good luck with that!


Mostly Ds-Congrats! You’re T Saur.  You’re like one of those babies who was abandoned in the forest as an infant and as a result developed a language that only you can understand.


3 thoughts on “What it is? A quiz it is!

  1. little bro – i loved the giraffes in the air video until a giraffe got hit by a train. but you won me back when I saw the giraffe was ok and mountain climbing again after his accident. what a trooper.

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