Another Episode of ACD

Y’all are on fire asking us real questions today!  Thankfully, this is another topic that the Barista and TLW can knock out of the park, or bat 1,000 with, or tackle with no problemo like champs.  I really wanted like 8 more sports analogies in here but I can’t be so bothered.  You get the idea…we’re winners.  Pretty, pretty winners.  And smart, but that’s not as important as being  pretty winners.

Dear Barista & TLW,
What exactly is a Vodka Limeade and where can I get one?  I’m thinking it’s not a Yankee thing, therefore I’m SOL.  Or I’m just a moron and it’s literally Vodka + Limeade.
Thirsty up North

Barista says:  It’s vodka with limeade.  Don’t get all sad and think that you are a moron, there is more magic to a Vodka Limeade than just it’s ingredients.  But before I tell you what is so awesome about this cocktail, I have a confession to make.  I too was once was confused by the simplicity of a name.  At my very first waitress gig, a gentleman ordered a Beefeater gin and tonic.  I gave the order to the bartender.  While he mixed the drink, I went to the kitchen for the beef-eater.  I plopped two beef bouillon cubes in the cocktail and presented it to the gentleman.  None of my coworkers stopped me.  Just like when I was bartending I did not stop the tenderoni who put blue food coloring in his customer’s Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic.  I just had a fresh drink waiting when he came back to the bar.

Back to your question…a Vodka Limeade is served over fantastic crushed ice, on the porch in front of Phil’s International Lounge in Richmond (shh…that’s how I like to think of the joint).  Phil’s lounge is crawling with characters such as The Richmond Pirate, Victor (bonus points to any reader who can tell me why Victor is famous), the Lady Who Never Stops Drinking and at least 12 dudes who all claim to be bankers or stock brokers or some other dead-end job.   You can watch half the city jog by while you’re having a cocktail.  This is fun because you and your friends will never run out of other people to talk about while at Phil’s.  Apparently there’s karaoke at Phil’s some night, but I don’t believe this.  Phil’s will close whenever it damn well pleases them, which is usually about 9:20 pm.  This works out well for the Barista and TLW because we can pop some Advil and get some shut-eye and totally skip the part the next morning where we say things like “what were we thinking ordering so many cocktails on a Wednesday?”.

Get down South and go to Phil’s.  Enjoy your Vodka Limeade.  Then go somewhere else in the city, maybe Havana 59.  We highly recommend their mojito.  Go forth and testify on RVA’s awesomeness.


One thought on “Another Episode of ACD

  1. Victor is famous for:

    (a) having more pre-1972 vehicles parked on his front yard than anyone else in the 226
    (b) taking baths in his backyard in a bathtub propped up on cinderblocks
    (c) never being without a heineken
    (d) using his breathalyzer to maintain a legal BAC at all times
    (e) boycotting seasonal porch flags in favor of the unconventional lawn ornament
    (f) using his pickup truck cab as a closet, complete with driveway costume changes
    (g) all of the above.

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