Taking it to the Limit

I’ll keep this brief.  I’m not talking about The Limit as in City Limit (Lameville, USA.  Population: that bar),I’m talking about when I see girls at the gym who clearly have  eating disorders going bananas on the treadmill next to me.  I wonder how they have the energy to run so fast and for long and then I realize I’m staring at them and that’s just rude-my momma taught me better than that.  Anywhoo ditty, I want to go up to them and gently place my hand on their bird like arm (not too hard as it may snap in two) and say, “Okay, enough.  We’re done here for the day.  You’ve clearly burned more calories today than I do all week so how about we go to Sizzler and and get us a T-Bone steak?”


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