that will be all, please

Me:  Can I have a medium latte please?  

Her:  Yes, ma’am.  Would you like that hot or iced?

Me: Hot ple-

Her:  Hold the f* up.  (She turns to what appears to be the manager) Why you playing?  Why you always got to come over here and tell me when we out of change?  How bout you figure out how to take yourself and make some pennies and nickles and some bills come up here.  Why do I have to do it again?  I already told you mother-effer* that I just got my hair done and I will not wear my hat today or go outside and get change.  No, I will not go outside.  It’s about to rain.  I only go outside if I say so when I’m on break cause that’s my time.  Back the f* off.  I’m not playing with you anymore.  Git out my face NOW.  (Turns to me) Ma’am, can I get you any thing else today?  Okay, thank you, you have a wonderful day.

*All curse words in this post have been mitigated as I feel like being a classy lady today.  In actuality, the cashier used these naughty words in their proper form.  It was awesome.   


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