I’m not mad-just disappointed.

A letter to Barista from TLW regarding the events surrounding our most recent happy hour: 


I’m dismayed you don’t clearly recall exclaiming that there was no rhyme or reason in this universe and karma could suck it.  You told me I could still be a nice person but paying it forward wouldn’t help anyone at which point I called you Nietzsche. 

Furthermore, I’ll admit that I attempted to start a khaki pants/polo shirt riot on Friday night.  I looked up and saw literally hundreds of the same white person and I got scared and didn’t know what to do. Too much vanilla gives me the diabetes.  At first I thought that maybe I had gotten drunk in Down Town Short Pump but then remembered I don’t go there.

Finally, I did not realize the cab driver was high. I just thought he was trying to prolong his TLW quality time before he popped the question. 

Kind Regards,




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