Quiz Biz!

Quiz Biz!

1)      It’s 11:30 on a school night and you’re at a bar chatting with a cute boy.  He wants to buy you another drink you will definitely regret in the AM.  You:

a) Politely decline but thank him for his offer

b) Order two. You’ll do just about anything for free drinks.

c) Who is out at 11:30 on a school night?  11:30 is my time with Jesus and the Bible.

d)I have no idea-no one has ever offered to buy me a drink before.


2)      You have the option of smooching two different boys at an event.  What do you do?

a) Debate on which one offers you the most potential financial security in the future and hunt your prey accordingly.

b) Hook it with both. Hey, hey!

c) Randomly making out with people is for loose women and Jezebels.

d) I have no idea-I’ve never had this happen before. 


3)      A boy you haven’t talked to in months randomly calls you for a date.  Do you:

a) Wonder why he’s calling now and decide he’s up to no good.

b) Totally go. Again: free dinner and drinks and maybe some action for dessert.

c) The only time I go out is for Bible Study.

d) I have no idea-no one has ever called me before.


4)      Publically making out is:

a) Fun for other people-not just me.

b) Rad.

c) Making out should only lead to procreation.

d) I have no idea-no one has ever made out me with before


5)      You make dinner plans with one boy and another calls last minute to hang out the same night.  You:

a) Tell #2 that you have plans but you would like to reschedule some other time.

b) Double book that shit like wow.  You a Playa!

c) Tell #2 that he needs to schedule his courting time with you at least a week in advance.

d) I have no idea-I’ve never had two boys ask me out on the same day before.


Mostly A’s:  Neat. You’re halfway to being cool but you’re still 50% a stain.  Your recipe for success?  Be less responsible. High five a hobo and watch him do his Kool-Aid dance, start a fight at a bar, wink at a police officer. 


Mostly B’s:  Hey there, sexy! You’re me!  You need zero improvement.  Keep it classy!


Mostly C’s:  You need to be married to Jesus.  Ask him and he’ll accept. Trust. 


Mostly D’s: You’re the female version of T Saur.  You’re too far gone to help. You more than likely read “Dating for Dummies” and took some classes at the Learning Annex for Continuing Adult Education to no avail.  Upgrade your cable package-you deserve it.


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