Real Men Of Genius

Cafe Darkness Rips Off Presents: Real Men Of Genius

(Real Men Of Genius)

Today, we salute you, Mr. Buck-Naked-Tow-Truck-Stopper-Guy

Wearing nothing, and we mean not a stitch of clothing, you ran outside in the Fan and stopped a tow truck driver and police officer from hauling your car away

Saving money and not paying storage fees is your motto…even naked

(get off my Mazda!)

You don’t care who sees your exposed junk; your neighbors, the law, area Poodles, the UPS lady, or that one creepy dude who will work for food

 (Will you watch my car for food?)

When you mean business, you mean business; no matter how big the hook or how small the ticket for not moving your car during a regularly scheduled street cleaning event

(Jesus Christ it’s only 8:02!)

So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light.  You’ve shown all of  the RVA that when the towing gets tough, the tough get bare-assed.


3 thoughts on “Real Men Of Genius

  1. F*ck, where’s my car parked!?

    Ok, I’m safe. I can’t believe regular street cleaning and towing was worthy of a whole RTD article, but maybe they just wanted an excuse to write about the naked guy. I’m totally singing your jingle in my head, btw.

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