What I did on my summer vacation!


*Editor’s note: This post was, in fact, written by TLW upon returning from vacation. We are unsure as to what actually happened the week of August 16-22, however it appears that a possible alien abduction took place. We can only hope and pray that the change is temporary.  Would the real TLW please stand up? xoxo, Barista. 

Vacations are the best.  They allow you to unwind, kick back and “recharge the ole batteries” as Grandma used to say.  Nothing gets me more pumped for another week of work after being gone for a week of fun in the Sun!  I can’t wait to dive into all the projects I’ve been putting off all summer!

Vacations are fantastic learning opportunities.  No, really! They totally are!  Whenever I go on vacation I immediately buy a book about the area I will be visiting and “bone up” on some local facts and areas of interest.  (No funny “bone” jokes, please! Let’s keep this PG!)  No museum or local area of interest is too esoteric for my tastes. No siree!  A museum dedicated solely to lighthouses?  Sign me up! Oh, is that the World’s Largest Ball of Twine?  Right this way, please! 

I like to prepare an itinerary to plan out my day. Structure is important when you’re not at work because you have all this free time on your hands.  And you know what they say, idle hands are the Devil’s workshop and I couldn’t agree more! To avoid possible sin and temptation I make sure I know what I’m doing from sun up to sun down.  Double snaps if there is any type of revival going on in the area.  Sweating gold and snake charming are great weight loss methods and get you closer to Jesus! 

I make sure my camera is fully charged because I like to document every moment of my trip.  I’ll ask people to take my picture any and everywhere. You’ve always got to be thinking about your Christmas newsletter!  How else can everyone see how much fun you’re having if you don’t have the photos to prove it?  Each night I make sure I journal about my adventures of the day.  That way I can look back years from now and remember in detail how much fun I had!

Okay everyone-back to work for TLW!  It’s Monday morning and I couldn’t be more stoked than to sort through these 123 unread emails and 23 voice mails.  Busy days aren’t so bad-they make the day fly!  Talk to you all soon!


3 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacation!

    1. They’re not diet pills-they’re caffeine pills. I’m just trying to get through finals and then I’ll stop taking them-I swear it!!!!

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