Who knew?

The following are actual searches people used to arrive at Café Darkness:

Hokie Onesie I can’t believe someone actually googled this. That person should be locked up. 

UMOT Did I just create a word and didn’t know it? Can I get credit for this? A high five? Pound Dog?  Anything?

Unmarried Men over 30 Apparently I’m not the only one confused by them…just sayin’. 

Darkness Café Close but no cigar. Fail.

Running in Water Wtf?

A lot of cigs Ha!

911 Shawty got you Confused.

Terrell Brown gone but apparently not forgotten

Limeade vodka I can’t fault anyone for this one.

PMS right on

Top 5 ways Americans Die These Days I have no idea what this even means or how they would get here, but whateves! 


Bar Louie’s Short Pump Cougars again…totally awesome

JMU Dorm Rules I’m sorry if this was an actual attempt at learning and they stumbled across our blog


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