Andy Jenks is up to no good

So Robin Starr’s dog died because she left it in her car.  That is sad, no doubt about it.  The dog was 16.  Is it possible that she did not know her dog was in the car?  Of course.  Another way to think of this incident is this: would the woman, who transformed the Richmond SPCA in to one of the most successful no-kill shelters in the country, intentionally leave her pet locked in her car for four hours?  No.

Today’s Richmond Times Dispatch features a brief article outlining the known facts, and asks readers to look for more coverage including an interview with Starr in tomorrow’s paper.

Andy Jenks elaborates on the story on the NBC 12 website and first mentions how outspoken Starr was against Michael Vick.  Then he copies some information readily available on Starr’s bio about how she put forth her vision of making the Richmond SPCA a no-kill shelter.  Her accomplishments were secondary to her criticism of Michael Vick.

So why mention her condemnation of Michael Vick?  What was the motivation for that reminder?  Was it to get the reader to pause…think on it…and draw the conclusion that Starr may be a hypocrite?  Is he suggesting that this accident is similar to electrocuting and drowning dogs who don’t make enough money in dog fights?   

I’m not sure if there is enough unintentionally hilarious local-crime fighting reporting from Andy Jenks to win back this viewer.

***Update:  Jenks latest post includes a line on how Starr was also critical of a man who starved 11 dogs, all before mentioning her achievements.  See Judge Jenks here:


14 thoughts on “Andy Jenks is up to no good

  1. I just read that article before hopping over to your blog. I have NO idea why Jenks would mention the Vick situation in this article other than to stir up some major drama and get people heated. And guess what? He did just that.

    Of course it’s possible that she wasn’t aware the dog was in the car, and of course this incident is heartbreaking. But Jenks is starting something that isn’t going to end well and I get the feeling he might have known that when he wrote this.

  2. Interesting how the Jenks calls her “outspoken” not once, but twice, in the article on NBC12. One would assume as CEO that she would speak on relevant issues and not be considered “outspoken” but rather “doing her job”.

    To compare an unfortunate accident that could happen to anyone with an older, docile dog to those of such extreme animal cruelty not only questions his own journalistic integrity but demeans all the good she has done since becoming CEO of the Richmond SPCA.

    I think the entire coverage of this story on NBC 12 is ridiculous. Jenks should stick to teaching us how to make bottle bombs and keep our sheds safe and leave the harder hitting stuff to people who can report without bias. Just sayin!

  3. I’m not sure here, ladies.
    I think you need to establish Robin Starr’s history as an “outspoken” opponent to animal cruelty.
    She started the region’s only no-kill shelter and was regularly quoted during the whole Vick debacle and other local animal cruelty cases.
    When I used to work at 12, I remember her coming in once or twice a year to talk about what you can do to keep your pets safe during the hot and cold months. I remember one interview in particular where she was adamant that you never chain your dog up outside for longer than a half-hour and that you shouldn’t even own a pet if you intend to ignore it.
    She is very outspoken on animal issues. And yeah, it’s her job to be. But she can’t give the public credible advice on how to treat their pets after an incident like this.
    Now, I know this was huge accident. That’s obvious. But I also think she needs to at least take a temporary leave of absence from her post as CEO until the story calms down.

    1. I can see your point on how this is embarrassing for her professionally. But what about Jenks? Is his coverage pushing the envelope?

    2. Matt-I totally agree. I think a leave of absence would be appropriate. When I first saw the story this AM I sent it to B and was like “Oh dear!”.

      What I don’t think is right is to throw former statements she made about animal cruelty back in her face as if to discount them. Michael Vick is still a horrible person and puppy mills are still horrendous. Those fact don’t change because of her tragedy and Jenks is reporting as if it does-that’s where my problem lies.

      1. I understand, but…

        She’s going to have a little less clout now when she speaks out about animal cruelty.

        Yeah, Robin. Mike Vick did a shitty thing, but your dog died because of your neglect (unintentional, whatevs), so shut up about it. You can’t speak out about animal cruelty when you’ve got something like this hanging over your head.

        Oh really, politician who opposes gay rights? Even though you were caught getting freaky with your same-sex intern? Sure, you can’t help it. It’s just who you are. But shut up about the gay rights thing, because no one is going to listen to you.

  4. You’ve got a legit arguement there that I can’t deny. Plus also, she’s totally up a creek now. It’s already making national headlines. Done-zo.

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  6. It’s totally legit that she didn’t know the dog was there, esp since her husband put it in the car without telling her. My dog is 15 and I swear I can’t tell if she’s dead or alive half the time because she doesn’t make a sound. So if Robin didn’t know the dog was in the car, there’s no way she WOULD have known because old dogs don’t really do anything. I haven’t even heard my dog bark in years. Andy Jenks and his forehead have crossed me for the last time.

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