I think I’m in love

Will you be my Valentine?
Will you be my Valentine?

Dear J Crew Stretch twill Minnie pant,

I know it’s only our first date, but I think you’re very special.  When first we met on the sale rack, I sincerely doubted that you were my type.  You are long and skinny and I am short and solidly medium.   I never thought it would work out between us.  But when I took you into the dressing room my heart was beating wildly.  Your two-way stretch fabric is flattering, indeed!

I bought you at once and shoved you into my closet were you hung, waiting patiently, for many weeks.  You must have grown weary wondering when I would free you from those cumbersome tags.   I did not forget you; I was too shy to ask you out.  I grew doubtful of your 27-inch inseam, and blamed a trick mirror for my purchase.

I finally gathered my courage today to free you from the closet.  I must admit, it was a decision made only because I had no time to iron anything at 8:27 am this morning.  Your wrinkle-free fabric was exactly what I needed to be on time for my first meeting today.

And here we are.  You are sitting just below my hips and just above my ankles.  Your retro fit gives me Bettie Davis ankles!  You get me like no one else has in quite some time.  You laugh at my jokes, and make me feel oh so pretty.  I’ve never felt this statuesque and skinny before!  You’ve even complimented my giant bag, which I find so endearing.

I hope we will be seeing a lot more of each other in the coming months.  I can’t wait to introduce you to my jean jacket and ballet flats…




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