The Hijenks are back!

That’s right folks – Cafe Darkness is bringing back the Andy Jenks fan club in a big way.  He’s charming.  He makes us laugh.  He taught us how to make bottle bombs.  Sometimes he makes us angry, but we can’t stay that way for long. 

Now that I think about it, Andy Jenks is a lot like our dogs, whom we love  to pieces. 

But our dogs have stunning natural highlights, much prettier than Andy.  Well, our dogs aren’t professional journalists (or unprofessional bloggers like us) but still, they’re very much like Andy Jenks.  Wait…Andy Jenks has never destroyed a perfectly nice pair of shoes or a couch…at least that we know of.  And our dogs don’t enjoy rum and coke…at least that we know of.  Okay, so aside from the television fame, career, gorgeous flowing manes, and being completely potty trained, Andy IS like our four legged BFFs.  Just a bunch of fun-loving animals who can’t be in trouble with us for more than 15 minutes.

Stay tuned for deets on the next Hijenks fan club meeting. 

PS – Barbara Gordon – you’re still Prez, okay?


2 thoughts on “The Hijenks are back!

  1. Yes! Who could resist the olive branch he has extended in the form of the sideways winky emoticon? That Jenks is pure genius.

  2. The Jenks has nothing on Sammy’s golden locks or Scooter’s ability to not move around very much, but I bet the Jenks doesn’t ask to be taken outside to go potty at 3 AM so then there’s that. Huzzah!

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