Go West, TLW

Dear TLW,

I have a discovered a great new lottery game you should play.  Your odds of winning are 1:12.  All you have to do is take up camping in our national forests!  Wander around and you could find yourself looking at a bazillion dollar  marijuana crop prize. 

Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you could win other prizes ranging from a dime bag to a sniper-boyfriend!  This game is easier than taking candy from a baby and also more fun!  Literally, all you have to do is pull some weed from a pot garden.


Happy Hunting,



3 thoughts on “Go West, TLW

  1. Having played this game before and winning, my advice to would-be players is to do as toucan Sam says and “Follow your nose!”.

    In an unrelated matter, if TLW wants to get the most out of her Billy Mays she and I should have a chat about the awesomeness that is jailbreaking the Billy Mays.


    Just let me know if you want the skinny on how to be awesome like me.

      1. It involves flashing your Billy May’s with a new OS, blah blah blah nerd jargon…Basically you have to do a little internetting, nothing too complicated. Slight risks involved of course but no permanent damage, all bad that can possibly be done to Billy Mays can be undone easily.

        If you want to read up about it (and if you’re feeling savy, give it a try) http://www.quickpwn.com/category/iphone/jailbreak is the place to be.

        If you have questions just hit me up, next time I’m down in RVA (Maybe later this month sis; I’ll call when I get dates) I’ll show you mine and you can see how you like it.

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