Manifest Destiny! West it will be!

Dear B,

Thanks so much for the idea on how to spend Labor Day Weekend!  I’d been batting around a few other ideas like star gazing, hustling people at Byrd Park and learning how to play to the banjo.  Forget that noise-I’m headed out West. 

I’m going to hop a train like a hobo from the 30’s.  I’ll have a stick with a bandana tied around it that’s going to hold some canned foods to sustain me.  I’m also going to adopt a stray whom I shall name “Scrappy”.  Once we get there I’m going to locate this magical land of Milk and Honey using Scrappy’s heightened sense of smell and harvest us up some of the good stuff to carry us over through the fall. 

There’s only one thing though-I don’t want a sniper boyfriend, so that part is out.  Snipers are scary and intense and more than likely Republican.

Okay, B! I’ll talk to you soon, okay?





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