Cafe Darkness Top 5 Worst Ideas From Last Night

1.  Opening the fourth bottle of wine.  For the two of us.  Bacchanalia! 

2. Having a heated debate over Wal-Mart.  TLW called me the devil and then told me that the Cafe Darkness theme is ghetto.  See bad idea #1 to understand how those two thoughts ended up in the same argument.

3. Foregoing dinner. 

4.  Convincing TLW that she should go into the wild like Chris McCandless.  I told her I’d like her better if she “fucked-up brilliantly”.

5.  Not purchasing Sean Kingston’s Fire Burning on iTunes.  This song really needs to be part of our standard drunk dance parties.  Listen and tell me you don’t want to shake your goodies:


6 thoughts on “Cafe Darkness Top 5 Worst Ideas From Last Night

  1. 6. Drunk dialing me and trying to convince me to pick you up a light night JBC from Wendy’s. Okay, that didn’t happen. But it probably wouldn’t have taken that much convincing. I’m a sucker for drunk arguing girls who appreciate Into The Wild and shitty dance music.

  2. 1-I think that 4th bottle was a grand idea.

    2-Wal-Mart is the devil, you’re just fiesty. I do wish that we had a little more sparkle to our background-that is true. Jazz hands!

    3-Buffalo Dip!

    4-I’ve already gotten my ticket to ride. I’m out of here the 1st week of October.

    5-It’s already been broughten.

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