From One Barista to Another

This is a missed connection of sorts.  Me, at the West Cary St. Starbucks last night.  You took my order.  You seemed pleased that I remembered to order my latte flavor first, milk second.  You seemed highly displeased when I whipped out my Starbucks Gold card.  You asked if I really wanted the $0.10 discount.  I did. 

You grew even more impatient with me when I explained that card has no cash value and offered you two additional Starbucks gift cards plus my debit card.  You sneered at me exactly like I would have sneered at you if our roles were reversed!  I do apologize for being a stain, but in my defense, I was coming to you for much needed caffeine.

When your coworker Barista failed to make this entirely fictional Barista’s drink fast enough you barked at her with gusto.  She tried to tell me I could not have my toffee-nut soy latte and you were right there pointing out the fresh bottle of syrup.  You were quick to make sure I knew you were on the case and that my drink was going to be perfect on your watch.  You were sassy.  And kind of bitchy.  I admire those qualities.

I was impressed.  I liked you.  You reminded me of Will & Grace, not so much Will or Grace, but Jack. Jack with a healthy dose of Karen-isms.  Let’s be Facebook friends soon.


One thought on “From One Barista to Another

  1. This is as good a place to ask as any: SB Employees don’t like tips, right? Why else would they make it so easy not to give them? I’m not much of a cash person, and not having the tip line on the receipt ensures that I forget to tip.

    Thanks Starbucks! (sorry Baristas).

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