Café Darkness Top 5 Highlights of my weekend!

This past weekend was….how do I put this delicately….fucking bananas.  Below are my top five favorite moments of the weekend that was September 11-13.

1-When Mr. and Mrs. Barista call and inform you of a sobriety check point, it’s best to remember that advice and take an alternate route home.  You know what doesn’t work?  Just stopping your car on Main St. and attempting to walk (slowly) away. 

2-Special shout out to the VCU student who interrupted my friend’s sobriety test on Main and Belvidere on Friday night. If not for that kid’s bravado and blatant disrespect for the law, things could have taken a turn for the worse. 


            Cop: You can’t leave your care there.

            My hero: I don’t give a fuck, just tow it.

            Cop: You’re under arrest.

            Cop to my friend: Get out of here-this is ridiculous.

            Me: Oh snap!

To celebrate our good fortune we decided that a breswskie at Mojo’s was in order!

3-Did you know that the following things happen in RVA?  People break dance with white gloves on (for reals), Jefferson Davis Highway actually exists, you can’t bike ride through Maymont and people don’t like it when you tell them they have bad posture. 

4-I’m going to start a Richmond Badminton League. It will be called the RBA (Richmond Badminton Association).  Badminton is a gentlemen’s sport and membership will be by-invitation-only.  A strict dress code will be enforced-think tennis whites for men and women.  Crustless cucumber sandwiches and Pimm’s will be the only refreshments served.      

5-Epic meeting of The Littles. I know it may be hard to imagine but my boys  had never met Barista’s boys.  We decided enough was enough and it was time for the four most ridiculously good looking boys to finally meet.  The meeting was a success and now they’re all besties!  Parents watch your daughters-we’ve got quadruple trouble coming your way. Four dogs-all short-all on the prowl looking for love!


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