It’s Wednesday. It’s Random. It’s Awesome.

Oh hai!
Oh hai!

I’ve got good news and bad news.  I’ll give you the bad news first: Barista is off the radar for the next week and half.  As I write this she’s all Xanied up and in the air. Good luck, B!  Or rather, good luck Mr. B!  Unfortunately that means you have to deal with just me for the next ten or so days. I apologize in advance for saying anything offensive or inflammatory as she normally tells me when something is too bitchy to post.  Again-sorry in advance.  Good news:  I’m not going anywhere!  I’ll be here holding down the fort and keeping the laughs (occasionally) coming so worry not loyal readers!


I guess I get why they call Wednesday Hump Day since it’s the middle of the week and all but I can’t remember the last time I got any action on a Wednesday-weekend warrior over here.  It’s misleading and should be renamed Hump (Yourself) Day.  Just sayin.


I’m house sitting/dog watching for Mr. and Mrs. B while they take their West Coast Vaca. Can you say HOUSE PARTAY?!  HELLS YES! JK. Maybe. No, I’m not. Yes, I am.  No, for reals-DM me for deets. Kidding, kidding.  I can’t afford to throw a party for you no account fools!  But I do plan on washing every single article of clothing, bedding and linen that I own while there.  I also plan on watching their fancy cable TV and eating out of their real grown up kitchen.  Whoot!


Actual conversation from yesterday about astrology. I had advised Shugs that a “Cosmic Storm” is underway and will be until the 23rd and to prepare accordingly:

Shugs: What is this? This astrology?  It scares me. I don’t like people telling me what to do.

Me: No one is telling you what to do, Shugs. It’s more like “this could happen so take advantage of it” type of thing.

Shugs:  I think it’s hocus pocus.

Me:  Funny, I think the same thing about Catholicism. Zing!


4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday. It’s Random. It’s Awesome.

    1. I know..I totally thought of Jocelyn when I wrote it, too. At first I just wrote “fools” but thought, “This is missing something….what is it….ah yes, ‘no account'”. You’re welcome.

  1. Please leave Mr. and Mrs. B a note for me, apologizing for clogging their toilet. Also let them know that while their bed was extremely comfortable, I think satin sheets on a waterbed is a little tacky.

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