Help a local blogger out, y’all!

What: A Fundraising Charity Gala Pig Roast Dance Off!

Why: Raise money to help TLW support the lifestyle to which she’s become accustomed!

When: TBD but ASAP

Where: Also TBD but any venue that would like to volunteer their services-let a sister know.

Admission is $5.00 and will include all you can drink red wine and all you can eat Cheeze-Its and peanut butter.  (Anyone wanting to donate above mentioned items, also contact me at!)

Festivities will include a raffle.  Win rad prizes like: a night of drinking with me, tips for creating your own Kool Aid dance, how to be a bitch but still have friends and much, MUCH more.  Stay tuned for more details regarding this soon to be famous event. Be there!


3 thoughts on “Help a local blogger out, y’all!

  1. Let me be the first to RSVP with a resounding YES PLEASE to your roasted pig dance-off. Actually, I think I’d like to be a sponsor!

    I’m still waiting for those naughty texts/pics BTW…

  2. I am your protégé. I have learned priceless lessons from you, even more than my work at Popkin Tavern. If I could win a night of drinking with you, I would be one happy gal!

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