Weekend fun with (half of) Cafe Darkness!

As this wonderful almost fall like weekend begins I find myself completely and totally sans set plans.  Now don’t get me wrong. This does *not* mean that yours truly will be sitting in her apartment all weekend petting her five trillion semi feral cats and looking at Precious Moments figurines on the internet.  Oh no!  This just means that I don’t yet know what’s on my agenda-but that’s how most of my weekends begin and that’s how I like it.  I want to hit up the Armenian Food Festival. It sounds pretty hoppin and I want a shish kabaob like nobody’s business.  Also on my agenda-the 43rd Street Festival of the Arts. I’m semi sketch by the “family friendly” description (read strollers bigger than a Prius) but I’m going to check it out nonetheless.  More than likely I will also: drink too much, smoke too much and make an ass out of myself at some point.  I may or may not dance at inappropriate times, drive under the influence and make sexy.  Who knows? The world is my Oyster! 
Back in the day when I was still married my weekends were planned out to the second. On Friday “we” would go balls to the wall and order some take out, watch a movie and have some drinks. Saturday morning “we” would maybe do some fitness and take a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond-if there was time.  Saturday night “we” would get wild and crazy and maybe couple skate with other married peeps.  Married people heart hanging out with other married people-and that’s a fact.  You can trade funny stories about each other and receive affirmation about your life decisions.  “We” would have drinks in the backyard! “We” would cook out! “We” would play board games! 
I’m obviously making this sound more lame than it was.  (Kinda.) I did have fun-at the time. Or as much fun as one can have when not getting action. I mean!  And don’t get me wrong-not all married people suck (most of the time). Most of my friends are hitched and they’re alright in my book. It’s just not my scene these days if youknowwhatimsayin.
Alright ladies and gents-it’s time for me to scram. I need to go live my life as Barista would say.  If new shit didn’t happen to me then what the hell would I talk about? Serious stuff like politics? Give me a break-no one cares about that crap.  Later skaters!

4 thoughts on “Weekend fun with (half of) Cafe Darkness!

  1. I’ve found myself with no set plans also and due to some circumstances beyond my control at work, a weeks vacation!

    Fan bars later. Drinking. Heavy. Cigarettes.

    Does that sound like your sorta bag???

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