Wednesday thoughts from the desk of TLW

right on
right on

To my rat bastard coworker who keeps stealing my coffee creamer-I hate you and I will find you. I will hunt you down and avenge my French Vanilla Coffee Mate!  I’m not sure what part of my note that reads:  “TLW’s coffee creamer-do not steal, please! Am poor!” you don’t grasp but apparently the concept of “mine-not yours” is too difficult for you to understand.  You steal my coffee creamer, prepare to die!  


 I’m still house sitting for Mr. and Mrs. B and I must say living in the West End is pretty darn nice. People wave at you when you drive by and they don’t even know me. It’s just me-driving-and then all of a sudden there’s someone waving. Is nice. Another bonus is when I hit up 7-11 and don’t get hassled by a trio of hobos for spare change.  I also don’t have to wait for a million and one fools to buy their scratchers either.  People seem healthier, too. And in all around better moods.  I need to get back to the City-a girl could get used to this.  


T Saur’s lost another lady love.  I guess dating dead beat dads with a nasty ass goatee was not a turn on?  According to Mr. T the reason things ended is because she didn’t like it that he “packed a gun” on dates.  Yes, you read that correctly.  T Saur packs heat. On dates.  In the RVA. At night.  Still believe in the right to bear arms now?   Just checkin!



I’m pretty sure I want to make excerpts of conversations between Shugs and yours truly a regular part of my Wednesday routine.  Last night we were at New York Deli grabbing an after dinner cocktail and she looked around rather confused:

Shugs: Shades, who are these people that are here right now?

Me: What do you mean?

Shugs: Well, I mean like those guys that just left.  Why were the three of them wearing such tight, black jeans and weird T-shirts?  What do you call that?

Me: Hipsters, Shugs. Dirty fucking hipsters.  Stay away.

Shugs: What’s a hipster? How do I know when I’ve seen one?  Should I be worried about them?

Me: Well the easiest way to identify them is through their unique clothing choices  they all wear, super cool hair cuts and consumption of god damn PBR. 

Shugs:   I’m scared, Shades.

Me: Oh, you should be.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday thoughts from the desk of TLW

    1. She’s seen them before, yes-but was confused by their purpose in life. It took some time-but I think I explained it to her.

  1. It’s sad that the DFH acronym is tied to Hippies rather than Hipsters.

    has the VCU campus been exposed to your position on hipsters? Maybe even a PSA?

    As for the creamer, If
    A) it’s in a small bottle, consign it to fate and spike it with some high quality fish sauce.
    B) it’s in those little disposable tub things, get a low-gauge hypodermic needle and inject fish sauce.

    it works. guaranteed.

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