An Offense to the Sensibilities of a Virtuous and Pious Woman

A recent trip to a local Mexican cantina much offended my feminine sensibilities and impeccable upbringing upon the arrival of what is called a Kickball League.  Apparently Kickball involves a large, rubber ball being rolled toward a player of another team.  The object of the game is to “kick the ball” and run toward three different bases to Score.  Do not allow the opposite team to catch the ball lest you be considered Out! 

I was most horrified to learn that these teams are Co-Ed in nature and involve the consumption of inexpensive, ill tasting beer during and after the game.  Both men and women entered the drinking establishment together without regard to proper rules of Decorum, Chaste and Virtue.  The women of the League wore what could only be described as shorts one would wear to a Gymnasium and their grooming was much disheveled.  They were rather Orange in colour suggesting many hours manual, outside Labour.  Several of them suffered from a peculiar condition of their Finger Nails making them appear an unnatural shade of white on the Tips.  The men were equally Orange and favored much Gel in their Hair.  Some had intricate and bizarre facial hair designs called Chin Straps.

They consumed pitches of beer out of small, plastic cups and were quite loud and raucous as the evening progressed.  Many shots of Jagermeister were taken amongst this group resulting in Cavorting between both sexes in attendance.  They took pictures of themselves in various poses that I can only imagine were posted to Facebook the next day!  The volume of their voices continually increased and some even Danced to songs whose lyrics practically made me Faint.  I feared that soon I would see these wild, untamed beasts fornicate right in front of my very eyes!  I quickly requested the waitress bring the cheque and fled immediately lest I also be forced to participate in the mayhem that would surely shortly ensue!


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