hello my name is Barista

And I’m back from the longest extended break I’ve had since 1995.  Wow, time off will destroy your liver do a body good.  I’ve traveled the country, watched a few excellent people get hitched, celebrated a big anniversary of my own and cleaned up one hell of a mess from the kegger that TLW threw at my crib while I was gone.  She said she invited everyone she knows and only left out the people she refers to as “stains”.  Wait, you weren’t invited?  Oh.  Ouch.

Sike! TLW was surprisingly well behaved.  I think she even recycled while at Casa de Barista.  In addition to being an excellent house sitter, she also humored some of the world’s dumbest messages sent to her at all hours by yours truly:

2:49 pm Just thought you all should know that I’ve found the promised land.  It’s very drunk here.

4:33 pm wine til you drop.  bets on how many til you quit.  I am having an impressive showing.

5:45 pm Forgot what we are discussing.  In the black and have no cigs.

6:03 pm Remarkable. I taste the rainbow.  Let’s be homeless here.

8:06 pm Don’t like Jessica Simpson and flat irons

1:53 am Yes still drinking beers

10:38 am Avoiding epic hangover with a bloody

It’s so good to be home.


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