The RVA is the hotness!

I heart this so bad.  Please enjoy it, too? 



10 thoughts on “The RVA is the hotness!

  1. That’s good stuff! Bow ties make me giggle, and the guys in this video did too. Thanks for puttin’ a smile on my face today!

  2. Looks like a hipster, dances like a hipster, sings like a flight of…er um hipster 🙂 i do believe that a certain TLW is being converted…. what’s next, hanging out at cous?

  3. Very hipster, but also very well-done. I like it!
    At least it’s a POSITIVE video about our city, which is always nice to see. I guess they didn’t have video of Barista puking behind ChaChas and TLW peeing in an alley. THAT’S the Richmond I know.

  4. Matt – get your facts straight please. I only puke in front of five-star hotels, and TLW likes to pee behind 3 Monkeys. Bonus points to anyone who catches either of us falling down on Main Street!

  5. I do prefer to pee behind 3 Monkey’s but am not too discerning when the need strikes and there’s a line long like wow. For the record-I haven’t fallen down in like…a month or something!

  6. What? No Magnum PI-length jean shorts in the ENTIRE video? No thigh-covering or upper-arm-sleeve tattoos? No ridiculously impractical bikes with rusty dildoes for seats?

    i say…

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