The week in review: October 4th-October 10th

The week started off with a bang. (And no-not that kind, guys-geez!).  I had myself a bit of a cold like seemingly everyone else in River City.  Ain’t nuthin gonna break my stride though because I’m back and ready for the weekend.  Win!  Flying Hambone Shuffles for this girl! 
I came to a horrific realization earlier this week while examining my hair that I am, in fact, a semi-Ginger.  These hard economic times have forced me to not get my hair did on the regs so it’s been a while since I got back to my natural blonde hair color.  It’s hard for me to admit this and I hope you don’t think differently of me. I know I think differently of me. I promise that once Steal Your Soul, Inc stops stealing my money, I’ll remedy the situation as soon as I can.  Until then, look away! I’m hideous!
Even though Barista and I work for the same company it’s rare that we actually work together-which is fine because I don’t really like working that much……ever.  Yesterday however the stars aligned themselves in such a way that we actually had to work on something besides getting drunk and surly.  I tried my hardest to concentrate but I was too busy thinking about how I wanted a martini straight up, no olives.  An indiscernible amount of time later I told her she was “too mathy”.  She’s like freaking Rain Main with the Maths.  It’s scary!  I’ve never seen someone sit there and talk in Maths for as long as she did! Doesn’t she know who she’s dealing with?  
In case you’ve been too busy playing World of Warcraft all week, I’m sure you all know that the Folk Festival is this weekend.  I’m stoked but only have two or three pennies to last me until pay day.  Since my job giveth me the money and then taketh away, I need to think of a scheme that will allow me to drink there FOR FREE.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I’m open to (almost) any suggestions.  Let’s keep em classy though, okay?

2 thoughts on “The week in review: October 4th-October 10th

  1. Working together was a lot like playing “would you rather” with you. If I look you directly in the eyes and stare intensely, you will eventually see things my way.

    PS – we actually got an email thanking us for our “hard work” that you will see on Monday. Let’s ask that all future kudos be in the form of the return of the LG.

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